Posted the teflon project on the Projects page. Teflon is an automatic ssh tunnel starter to be used in conjunction with FoxyProxy. Teflon automatically starts and maintains your ssh proxy tunnels when your browser requests a page. This is especially for laptop users who are constantly changing location and who are tired of restarting their ssh tunnels


Re-arranged the gallery somewhat to make things a little more logical. In general, trips and events are now under 'Trips and Events', though you may find some of those bits under 'Life at the U'. Added pictures of the Gallaher House as it is being shown by the real estate agent. I'm trying to get ahold of some pictures of it in it's original state. A complete walkthrough would be nice too.


Heh. Only a year and change since the last official update. Various things have changed. Most notably, more pictures are in the gallery. Also, I've started work at boeing as an intern. I've activated CoreDump, under a new guise: my boeing log. There I'm keeping a day to day diary of what I'm up to for the summer, and how life as an intern at boeing is. Check it under Resources->CoreDump. Hopefully I don't go the way of Marc Jen.