Here live the stories of the various projects I've worked on over the years. Some projects were for classes, while others were for fun. If you see an idea here that you like, would like to expand on, or are otherwise geeked about, please feel free to email me at ngallaher at If you take one of these projects and repeat/expand it, please give props where due, and send me a link so I can post it here for others to see.  
Teflon: ssh tunnel auto-starter. To be used with FoxyProxy to ensure your ssh tunnel is started whenever you need it. Teflon is a simple python script. See the README file in the download for more info.
Current version: 0.0.2

Version 0.0.2 7/21/09

* Clarified autossh optional dependency in documentation

Version 0.0.1 4/1/09

* Initial release.